SEIS-PROV: Provenance for Seismological DataΒΆ


While fairly fleshed out this is still a draft. Discuss any potential changes on GitHub.

Version of SEIS-PROV described in this document: 0.1

Information about the larger context can be found here:

Welcome to the SEIS-PROV documentation and definition - a draft for a standardized description of data history for seismology. This document is organized as follows:

The first part introduces the concept of provenance and why it matters for our science.

Following is a section with an introduction to W3C PROV and a high level overview of the design of SEIS-PROV.

Subsequently the actual definitions are detailed.

SEIS-PROV documents must be validateable and verified to be correct to be of any use. This section details this process and which steps must be performed in order to make sure a given SEIS-PROV file is valid. It also documents the usage of a reference implementation of a SEIS-PROV validator.

The final section illustrates some more complex use cases and scenarios.